4 years

Four years ago today, I married the best husband, father, and leader this family could ask for.
We talk about it all the time, how 4 years feels like such a long time and then not enough sometimes. 

We joke all the time about how we got engaged. We had been dating for maybe 6 months when we started taking a Financial Peace class together at church. I honestly think saying we “dating for 6 months” is generous. We were busy, practically brand new teachers trying to figure out a work/life/relationship balance. Anyhow, week 2 into the class we went to grab some beer and nachos for a Sunday dinner. At dinner we discussed marriage. We knew we wanted to marry each other, but weren’t sure about the timeline. As the logical thinkers that we are, with his rent up in July of that year, it just made sense, money wise, to get married sooner than later. 

Almost 6 months to the day we became engaged, we got married. 

Marriage is hard, especially at first when you’re not use to coexisting with another person. We have a very blessed marriage. We run on God, love, and family. 

We keep things simple. Neither one of us expects extravagant gifts or ridiculous adventures. We feel the most complete when we have a day or 2 off together and are able to be with each other and our boys. And let’s be honest, my anxiety would never allow my husband to spend a ton of money of gifts or adventures. I have to be in the know there. 😉

Here’s to 4 ridiculously quick and fun years. Here’s to many more years of praising God, laughing, loving, and raising 2 crazy boys. 


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