Just Go On A Date

Recently, we’ve been reminded by friends and loved ones that we should “just go on a date”. Easier said than done my single and DINK-ly friends. (A DINK is a couple we refer to as “double income, no kid”).

Between babysitters, being exhausted from working and parenting, kids who are earlier risers… official date nights won’t be happening in our house for quite a while, but it’s okay! Don’t feel bad for us. We love our kids, our jobs, and each other. 

A little sneak peek into how it use to be, and how it is now. 

Date Night as DINKs:

This could happen any night of the week. Going to sleep late and walking up early is fine if it’s for good reason! We would pick a spot that we haven’t been too and we could enjoy beer or cocktails we’ve never tried. It’s a “$$$$” on Yelp? No prob! I got extra money in my check this week or I just got a gift card from work.  

Dress up, do the hair, do the make up. Damn, we look good!

Enjoy a meal talking about the day, the food, order a beer or 2. Should we get dessert? Sure! 

What should we do now? There’s a show starting at the Cosmo in an hour, we can do that. Sounds wonderful! 

Roll on home. Have some popcorn and a movie, maybe even a glass of wine. Who cares how late it is! We can sleep in tomorrow. 😉

Date Night post-babies:

This can only happen on a Friday. Saturday we are too busy with church, and who can actually go out on a “school night” and function? Find a sitter who will babysit for free or for cheap. We can’t ask my mom, because she’s had baby overload all day! No sitter? I told you we should have started looking a week ago! Okay we’ll take the kids. Find a sweet spot we haven’t been that’s good for kids, and a place I can get a beer. Oh no, that’s too expensive. Chili’s it is! 

Once at Chili’s theres a 10-20 step process for a successful date night:

  1. Remind the 2 year old how to sit like a big boy.
  2.  Tell the 10 month old the food will be out soon.
  3. Make the 10 month old a bottle. 
  4.  Tell the 2 year old to stop sticking his fingers in the salsa and calm down. 
  5. Take the 2 year old potty. 
  6. Don’t order a beer, because you will definitely fall asleep after you drink it. 
  7. Once the food comes, scoop out just enough annoyingly shaped mac and cheese for the baby. 
  8. Cut it up a little at a time feeding the baby. 
  9. Scarf your food in between cutting up pasta bites. 
  10. Dessert? No. I’m about to lose all control over here. 

Once dinner is over, you’ve paid and successful fed 2 children, discuss the movie you’ll watch when you get home. Know it will always be Star Wars. Do the bed, bath, bottle, nightly routine (not particularly in that order), pop in the movie. 

Once the movie is on, we’ve told the 2 year old he’s not hungry for “nacks”, and all is quiet in our bed, I look at all my guys and feel warm and fuzzy. Man I missed all of them today when I was at work! I’m so thankful we got to spend date night with them since we’ve spent 40+ hours this week away from them. I can’t even picture my life without them anymore. What a cool crew I get to call my own. Maybe I can convince the hubs to have a third…

Yes, we won’t be having official mom and dad date nights for a while, but I wouldn’t change any of this baby/toddler chaos were in. It will only last for a short season. 


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