4 years

Four years ago today, I married the best husband, father, and leader this family could ask for.
We talk about it all the time, how 4 years feels like such a long time and then not enough sometimes. 

We joke all the time about how we got engaged. We had been dating for maybe 6 months when we started taking a Financial Peace class together at church. I honestly think saying we “dating for 6 months” is generous. We were busy, practically brand new teachers trying to figure out a work/life/relationship balance. Anyhow, week 2 into the class we went to grab some beer and nachos for a Sunday dinner. At dinner we discussed marriage. We knew we wanted to marry each other, but weren’t sure about the timeline. As the logical thinkers that we are, with his rent up in July of that year, it just made sense, money wise, to get married sooner than later. 

Almost 6 months to the day we became engaged, we got married. 

Marriage is hard, especially at first when you’re not use to coexisting with another person. We have a very blessed marriage. We run on God, love, and family. 

We keep things simple. Neither one of us expects extravagant gifts or ridiculous adventures. We feel the most complete when we have a day or 2 off together and are able to be with each other and our boys. And let’s be honest, my anxiety would never allow my husband to spend a ton of money of gifts or adventures. I have to be in the know there. 😉

Here’s to 4 ridiculously quick and fun years. Here’s to many more years of praising God, laughing, loving, and raising 2 crazy boys. 


Sticking to Two

After I had my first little boy, I was on cloud 9. I wanted to have at least 3 more just like him. 

Then we had the second little boy. I felt even better after his delivery, and basically asked my husband when we can start trying for a third. 

As time went on, and in the 10 short months since I’ve had number 2, I’ve decided that 2 is a good number. Here are some reasons I’m sticking to two.


Having a baby cost a lot. Not just the basic everyday survival things, but hospital bills and such. I’m still paying bills for the second one. 

Also groceries. Just this morning I watched my 10 month old smash a bowl of oatmeal and a banana AND still cry for a bottle. Having boys is no joke. These kids eat constantly! I don’t think I could add another mouth to feed. 


I drive a hip cool-mom Ford Explorer. It fits all 4 of us comfortably. With a 3rd, I would have to either: A. Climb my big mom butt into the back of the car to fit a kid or B. Trade in my stellar car for a… minivan. 

We have a 4 bedroom house, but where am I going to throw their toys when I don’t want to see them? 


Right now, the only relationship I have to think about is how son 1 is relating to son 2. With a third I would have to worry about how A gets along with B and B with C and C with A and who is ganging up who, etc… Not sure if my little mom heart is ready for that. 

Amusement Parks

Honestly, someone will always be without a partner…

Baby stuff

With the littlest getting older, I’m enjoying having 2 little boys and being out of the infant stage.  Infants are cool, snuggly, and sweet, but I like my kids being able to hold their heads up and play with each other. 


We like the freedom of being able to travel now and in the future. In hotel rooms it’s clear where everyone is sleeping. With a third, we have to think about a pull out or someone sleeping in the tub for a night. 

My kids are also able to enjoy traveling and then things we do as a family. Adding another child will mean my oldest will have to survive mommy and daddy catering to a new baby again, and I really don’t want to do that. 

I’m not knocking anyone who has more than 2 children. I honestly admire those people! I think if I wanted to stay home, I would have no problem having more kids. 

If God has other plans, and we end up having another, we will obviously love the baby and welcome all the changes with open arms. 

For the record, this is how I found them after my shower. They do play well together though! 

You did what for vacation?

Since both the hubs and I are teachers, we get a solid 2 months vacation, give or take a few days. Since we got married we always talked about having a family and going on sweet summer vacations with said family. 

Two summers ago, when the oldest was the onliest child and not even 1 year old, we booked a flight for San Fransisco. Morning of the flight, it was cancelled! We decided we were going to go anyway and drove the 9+ hours. It was long, but so worth it! That’s when we decided we were going to try our hand at road trips. 

Last summer, I was severely pregnant with babe #2 so we were stuck at home. 

This summer, we knew we had to go all out. We planned our trip from June 11th to July 6th. We planned to drive the whole thing, stay in hotels, visit things none of us have seen, and spend time with family. 

We left from Las Vegas and started at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We traveled south through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and back to Nevada. Our boys got to experience a lot of cool things from a Cardinals baseball game to milking cows on a farm. These are memories we won’t ever forget. 

Having spent almost a month on the road, we picked up a lot of travel tips and ideas. We learned a lot of things that made it easier for us with small children and basically living out of our car for a long time. Below are tips I found useful. Some were given to us before we left, others we discovered along the way. 

  • Find out if your health insurance offers some sort of on call/ video chat doctor service. Day 2 into our trip, I got sick and needed antibiotics. Thankfully with the free service through my insurance, I was able to pick up antibiotics within 2 hours and felt better within a few days. This also happened at like 2 in the morning and there were no urgent cares open at the time. Of course if it’s a serious emergency, find a hospital. 
  • A first aid kit with bandaids, ointment, hydrocortisone cream, Tylenol, and anything else you may think you need. You can never over pack first aid items.  
  • Pedalyte. Because my kids got sick on the last day and passed it to me! When they are throwing up I’m so worried about dehydration. Thankfully we were at my sister’s house and she has some. They have little individual powder servings that we used. They were life savers. 
  • Always stay in hotels with free breakfast and dinner if possible. A friend recommended Drury Inn hotels. They had kick backs every evening with a buffet dinner and free alcoholic drinks. It was a little bit more money, but totally worth it.
  • With kids, stay in hotels with indoor pools. Burn off that energy from a day of travel. 
  • Don’t drive more than 8 hours a day. We made most of our days 4 hours. It made the travel enjoyable for us and bearable for the kids. We tried to find things along the way so we could even break up those hours. I think doing 8 hours constantly gets old fast. 
  • When packing the car, we tried to take up less room. Instead of everyone having their own suitcase, we got a large bathroom caddy everyone threw their toiletries in and we packed our clothes into plastic storage drawers. We took 1 carry on size suitcase and put the clothes in it for the next day. Way easier than hauling 4 suitcases up and down hotel stairs. When we were staying at a place for longer than 2 days, we took the drawers with us! 
  • Pack just one bag of toys. Enough that they will play and stay interested, but not too much that you’re playing hide and go seek with little Paw Patrol dogs for half the trip. 
  • Books on tape or Audible.com. For the long days, we listened to books instead of the radio. We have Sirius radio, but after 2 or so hours the songs seem to be on repeat. 
  • On vacation we took a ton of photos on our camera and our phones. We use Google Photo to back up our pictures. It’s free and it has unlimited storage. Our phones automatically back up things. I’m NOT into scrapbooking and printing all these photos would be a waste of money. I use Adobe Spark Page to create a page of our vacation. It’s basically a digital scrapbook and so easy to use! I would work on it for 10 minutes each night, typing out and adding photos from the day. It’s fun to look back and instantly see my photos in a cool creation. Adobe Spark also offers Post and Video. It’s a user friendly site for any type of technology user! I’ll post mine here in a few days. 

    All in all, being gone a month you deal with a lot of things not on your agenda like barfing and infections and bug bites, but we had so much fun and look forward to doing a different road trip next summer! 

    Just Go On A Date

    Recently, we’ve been reminded by friends and loved ones that we should “just go on a date”. Easier said than done my single and DINK-ly friends. (A DINK is a couple we refer to as “double income, no kid”).

    Between babysitters, being exhausted from working and parenting, kids who are earlier risers… official date nights won’t be happening in our house for quite a while, but it’s okay! Don’t feel bad for us. We love our kids, our jobs, and each other. 

    A little sneak peek into how it use to be, and how it is now. 

    Date Night as DINKs:

    This could happen any night of the week. Going to sleep late and walking up early is fine if it’s for good reason! We would pick a spot that we haven’t been too and we could enjoy beer or cocktails we’ve never tried. It’s a “$$$$” on Yelp? No prob! I got extra money in my check this week or I just got a gift card from work.  

    Dress up, do the hair, do the make up. Damn, we look good!

    Enjoy a meal talking about the day, the food, order a beer or 2. Should we get dessert? Sure! 

    What should we do now? There’s a show starting at the Cosmo in an hour, we can do that. Sounds wonderful! 

    Roll on home. Have some popcorn and a movie, maybe even a glass of wine. Who cares how late it is! We can sleep in tomorrow. 😉

    Date Night post-babies:

    This can only happen on a Friday. Saturday we are too busy with church, and who can actually go out on a “school night” and function? Find a sitter who will babysit for free or for cheap. We can’t ask my mom, because she’s had baby overload all day! No sitter? I told you we should have started looking a week ago! Okay we’ll take the kids. Find a sweet spot we haven’t been that’s good for kids, and a place I can get a beer. Oh no, that’s too expensive. Chili’s it is! 

    Once at Chili’s theres a 10-20 step process for a successful date night:

    1. Remind the 2 year old how to sit like a big boy.
    2.  Tell the 10 month old the food will be out soon.
    3. Make the 10 month old a bottle. 
    4.  Tell the 2 year old to stop sticking his fingers in the salsa and calm down. 
    5. Take the 2 year old potty. 
    6. Don’t order a beer, because you will definitely fall asleep after you drink it. 
    7. Once the food comes, scoop out just enough annoyingly shaped mac and cheese for the baby. 
    8. Cut it up a little at a time feeding the baby. 
    9. Scarf your food in between cutting up pasta bites. 
    10. Dessert? No. I’m about to lose all control over here. 

    Once dinner is over, you’ve paid and successful fed 2 children, discuss the movie you’ll watch when you get home. Know it will always be Star Wars. Do the bed, bath, bottle, nightly routine (not particularly in that order), pop in the movie. 

    Once the movie is on, we’ve told the 2 year old he’s not hungry for “nacks”, and all is quiet in our bed, I look at all my guys and feel warm and fuzzy. Man I missed all of them today when I was at work! I’m so thankful we got to spend date night with them since we’ve spent 40+ hours this week away from them. I can’t even picture my life without them anymore. What a cool crew I get to call my own. Maybe I can convince the hubs to have a third…

    Yes, we won’t be having official mom and dad date nights for a while, but I wouldn’t change any of this baby/toddler chaos were in. It will only last for a short season. 

    Well hello there…

    Hi there! Welcome! Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, as things may get bumpy.

    My name is Becca. I’m a second grade math teacher residing in Las Vegas, NV. I’m married to a computer science teacher and together we have 2 awesome little boys.

    We like to go to church, Sunday School, travel, and watch movies. We also enjoy eating everything and a nice cold craft beer.

    When we aren’t teaching, you can find us with family, at technology conferences, track meets, robot competitions, or football games.

    Feel free to pop in and join us on this ride that is full of God loving, kid teaching, and boy raising. Also what we call: life.